Rabbits are known as grazer animals and are notorious for damaging plants and grass. Rabbits are active year-round but tend to cause the most havoc as the weather gets warmer. Critter Control of Denver receives high volumes of rabbit calls in the springtime.


  • Furry mammals
  • Long ears
  • Short fluffy tails
  • Strong large hind legs
  • 2 pairs of sharp incisors, one on the top, one on the bottom
  • Vary in color and size, ranging from 2-16 pounds


Rabbits will live underground or in rabbit holes. They like to burrow in meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts, and wetlands, depending on what is available.

Rabbit Problems


Identifying a rabbit problem can be easy if you pay attention to the damages, droppings, and footprints. If you notice a regular problem with all three factors, call Critter Control of Denver to find how severe the rabbit problem may be.

Critter Control of Denver is fully qualified to handle any rabbit problem in the yard or garden. Rabbits under porches and rabbits under sheds can create quite the problem quickly. Rabbits in your yard can damage expensive landscaping and create a rabbit damage nightmare.

Rabbit Control

Control & Safety

Critter Control of Denver will implement deterrents to keep rabbits out of your garden. Rabbit fencing and rabbit netting may be used to keep rabbits from damaging shrubs and plants.

Trapping & Removal

For professional rabbit trapping or rabbit removal in Denver, call Critter Control of Denver. We are experienced in rabbit removal and rabbit trapping. Our humane methods will get rid of your rabbit problem and stop rabbit damages to gardens and yards quickly!

Call Critter Control for rabbit control in Denver. 303.536.7762

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