Animal Damage Control

Damage Control and Repairs

Critter Control of Denver is your wildlife damage repair company. We get rid of unwanted animals, and follow up our work with damage repairs. Our full-service approach will get rid of your problem animal and the headache that comes with it.

The severity of the damages will depend on the wildlife problem at hand. Squirrels will create quite different damages than a mole or skunk may. Critter Control of Denver can get rid of the unwanted animal and completely repair the wildlife damage.

Common Damage Repairs

Critter Control of Denver has extensive experience in a variety of wildlife damage repairs. Squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the chimney, and skunks in the yard will create different damages. Your technician will be able to get rid of the problem and repair roofs, restore attic insulation, and more!

Our damage repairs will remove the headache that comes along with a wildlife invasion, and occasionally the damage repairs may even double as prevention techniques. Screening vents, installing chimney caps, and closing entry holes will all reduce the chance of future conflicts with unwanted animals. Call us now if you suspect a wildlife invasion.