Denver field supervisor wildlife managementRyan

Field Supervisor

Ryan is our Field Supervisor. He spends his free time wrangling rattle snakes, fly fishing & enjoying the outdoors.




Denver wildlife control technicianBrook

Wildlife Technician: Northern Denver Metro | Front Range Area

Brook is the Northern Denver Metro/Front Range Area Technician. She enjoys camping and fly fishing in her free time.




Denver animal damage repair specialistDustin

Animal Damage Repair Specialist: Southern Denver Metro Division

Dustin is the Repair Specialist for the Southern Metro Division. He enjoys spending his free time being a musician in a local band in the Denver area




Denver wildlife control office manager and veterinarianMelinda

Office Manager

Melinda is our Office Manager. She has a degree as a veterinary technician and enjoys spending time with her family.




Denver animal damage repair specialistAndy

Repair Specialist: Northern Denver Metro | Front Range

Andy is the Repair Specialist for the Northern Metro area and Front Range. He is a good natured family guy with a love for animals.




Denver Pest Control SpecialistJim

Pest Control Specialist

Jim is our Pest Control Specialist with approximately 10 years of experience. He is also an avid sports fan.




wildlife control secretaryAmanda

Lead Secretary

Amanda is our Lead Secretary





Denver wildlife control technicianDavid

Wildlife Technician: Southern Denver Metro

David is the Southern Metro Division Technician. He has a unique and uncanny way with animals of all species.




Central Denver animal damage repair specialistMarcus

Animal Repair Specialist: Central Denver Metro

Marcus is the Repair Specialist for the Central Denver Metro Area. He spends his free time doing volunteer work with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.